04 Feb 2006

google reader - a second look

executive summary: still sucks

intrigued by the alleged quicksilver homage feature they put up according to their blog. i retried google reader again to see whether they had improved and whether i could build some smarter filtering on to their feed reader that i can't do with the current crop of feed readers like netnewswire or newsfire.

they've jazzed it up quite a bit. fancy newsfire like animation when you scroll around feeds -- its quite nice. i like the keyboard shortcuts that are similar to the ones in gmail, but i wish they had more, like "mark all as read" or better support for groups, etc.

i've saved the worst for last. two critical bugs i encountered while using it under safari. 1. couldn't import my OPML subscription list, just hangs there doing nothing. 2. couldn't even add the boing boing rss feed as it again, just hangs there doing nothing. maybe its my browser, but hell, if you're trying to pay homage to quicksilver by doing the sexy pop up bezel thing, at least make it work properly on a mac.

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