09 Feb 2006

upcoming cool things with google maps v2

there are hints of what is to come with google maps by some enterprising hackers and code voyeurs with the beta release of google maps api v2.

1. more zoom. they're putting in better images that you can already see on google maps. the google maps image for sydney and cambridge are much better between version 1 and version 2. right now, any apps that use the version 1 api are using the previous sets of satellite images. version 2 images are the ones you actually see on maps.google.com.

Google Maps Zoom

2. svg support. its right, they're adding svg to presumably draw the polylines that they have traditionally done with some sort of png hack. that is quite interesting as i believe they're going to go the angle of doing even more than just drawing way points by actually marking out buildings as you can see with the siemens alliance that was covered recently.

fun things to come with google maps!

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