10 Feb 2006

err, i'm a mac blogger ..

yeah, 6th post today, maybe i'll get up to 12 .. you can all cheer for me ..

i was just visiting the lovely cocoadevcentral (which is great because it presents mac development tutorials with a really slick web design -- very mac like). and apparently i'm on a list of mac bloggers on the side. huh? .. i still haven't reached my 1:10 released project to started project ratio yet! take a look at my cocoa projects folder:


in that list, only Album Art Widget, Album Art Inspector, ATKeychainPlugin (that reminds me, its broken) and EyeTunes (needs more work as i'll explain later) are released. although, PosterTunes is getting along nicely as a meaningless playground to teach myself Core Image and PDFs, Violator which is actually working but can't really be released since it depends on SpotMeta and some other playful toys.

anyway, getting back to the point, surely there are some other people who are more worthy of being listed in one of the premier cocoa dev sites around ;)

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