10 Feb 2006

i got world cup 2006 tickets!

yeah, i got allocated tickets to one game at the world cup in germany! woohoo! i applied for tickets for the world cup in japan back in 2002 and didn't get any tickets at all. but this time, i aimed slightly lower and only applied for the group stage games. but since i missed out on the olympics by being in princeton in 2004, i thought i had to go to one big sporting event while i was in europe.

so i applied online for three games, all of them were in the group which australia, japan and brazil were in. oh yeah, and i think there's croatia or something. so i applied for australia v brazil, japan v brazil and australia v japan. turns out i didn't get all three, but only got the australia v brazil game. it is a little disappointing that i didn't get the other two games, but hey, at least i get to see brazil play!

the best thing though, is that the game is going to be played in munich, which has this awesome allianz stadium. here are some pics of what it looks like:


so i'll be in germany for a week of so in june. that'll be pretty awesome and i'm looking forward to it.

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