10 Feb 2006

wtf, red cross now becomes red crystal?

i just read on boingboing about canadian red cross deciding to spend it's hard earned donations to go after GAME COMPANIES who use the red cross on their medic packs (yes, i'm looking at you team fortress!) how ridiculous is that? will you donate to the red cross again if they continue to do this crap?

what is even more surprising is that apparently the red cross and the red crescent (the muslim equiv of red cross, i presume) have now launched a new logo called the red crystal so that some israeli aid organisation won't get offended by not having a star on their humanitarian organisation.


i didn't even know that the cross was in red cross was religious, because it sure doesn't look like the christian cross, more like switzerland, and i suppose is chosen because the geneva convention was signed there. how many decades will it take for people to recognise this logo? geez! great work guys!

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