10 Feb 2006

xgl: linux desktop is only 2 years behind mac

looks like everyone is getting in on the game of emulating the mac desktop features. look at the blow by blow videos from the novell on xgl.

1. real transparency in x -- err, ever since mac os x 10.0? see apple terminal.
2. zoom minimisation -- err, again, i think mac os x 10.0 has this
3. desktop reorganisation -- much more recent, 10.3 expose.
4. cube spinning -- fast user switching 10.3.

 Linux Xglrelease Img Movie-Cube

but its nice that linux (or X in general) is catching up. i particularly like the cube spinning for dragging windows between desktops. i still use desktop manager on the mac for multiple desktops, which is a hack to say the least. wonder why apple won't include this feature into their gui.

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