11 Feb 2006

multi point input research

this video has been making the rounds on the internet, and is not some cheesy mashed up movie trailer or stupid funny video. it's a demonstration of what you can do with a huge touchscreen and multiple point touch screens. these are touchscreens that can detect multple "fingers" on the screen. they call the system frustrated total internal reflection.

they have a really cool movie you can download on their site. it's one of these demos that are done very well, by people who are graphical ninjas! my favourites is the onscreen dj mix deck, map viewer, photo organiser and the onscreen keyboard. the ui looks so intuitive that once someone demos it, you understand immediately.


i wonder if you can do something similar with the powerbook touchpad since it can recognise two fingers. or maybe it does a weird driver hack to sense it. hrmm ... someone is already thinking about it -- free focused scroll.

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