14 Feb 2006

new naming scheme for things on the net

here are the rules to follow:

1. add an "r" to your name even if you don't need it and if your name already has an r, remove the vowel before it.

examples: zooomr, frappr, suprglu, feedblendr, gtalkr, browsr, flagr, wrickr

2. add dots randomly in your name so that people think you ge.t it. (aka. i've heard about your but for the life of me i can't get to your domain, goddamit) extra points for ending with .us.

examples: mag.nolia, imp.etuo.us, porn.a.licio.us, script.aculous, last.fm

3. append random number in front of your name:

examples: 43things, 9rules, 30boxes, 37signals.

4. finally, make sure people have no idea what you do by just your name:

examples: eskobo, pandora, wuraweb, joyent, blish, oyogi, gravee, platial, shozu, spongecell .. there are too many to link to, i can't be bothered to be turned into a link farm.

of course, there are the originals who started these rules, flickr and deli.cio.us. but we'll let them off this time.

for more web2.0 insanity, check out this company list from techcrunch.

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