20 Feb 2006

newsvine : what the hell is it?

newsvine is one of these web 2.0 ventures i don't get. i just got an invite to it, so i decided to log in and try it out to see what the fuss is about, and why the hell is it in private beta behind some closed wall?


what did i find? nothing exciting. in fact, i don't even know how to explain it. let me have a go. imagine yahoo news with the AP articles and pictures, now imaging instead of that 10 star rating at the bottom, you have a very subtle digg like icon on the top of each story to vote on it. this promotes the story.

on the other side of the site, some people can write their on editorials (like a blog) on any news story or groups of story they see fancy. add a bit of social networking, commenting and collaborative filtering for good measure.

the final bit of newsvine is that you can submit stories (they called it "seed") to the queue that they can grab more content from other sources, thats just like submitting a story to digg or bookmarking something to delicious.

the problem i see is that the editorials that you can write are only available to the small community that are logged in, what is the point of writing it? so all in all, this is just digg with a nicer cleaner interface, a walled garden and no real purpose.

in short, don't bother logging in. you're not missing out on much at all.

if you were to try some news ranking aggregating site, you should check out meme-orandum. that uses an algorithm to fetch headlines from major blogs and news sources to determine what is hot, probably more closer to google news for tech than digg.

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