23 Feb 2006

frustrating exif problems with olympus and iphoto

exif isn't really an exact science, and the sub group of exif tags known as makernotes are even more annoying. makernotes are a group of manufacturer dependent tags that have their own undocumented format.

i'm running into a problem where photos from my olympus mju camera (and only that camera) have their makernotes tags corrupted when i rotate the photos in iphoto. lucky that iphoto saves the original. i only noticed with exiftool, but i'm not sure whether it is really because of iphoto, or just that exiftool's olympus makernotes support is kind of patchy. i can't find that behaviour on a couple of other photos that are taken with different cameras.

apart from exiftool, i'm struggling to find a program that will be the ground truth so i can determine whether exiftool or iphoto has this bug. luckily, there is way to just strip makernotes from those photos totally using exiftool:

exiftool -makernotes:all= someimage.jpg

cute feature i found in iphoto is that you make smart albums depending on what camera was used, i just realised i have over 12 different cameras contributing to my collection:


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