24 Feb 2006

blogs you should read this weekend

so you have a weekend of nothing to do? lucky you.

well, you might enjoy reading about the following:

1. Wil Shipley (creator of Delicious Library) blogged about TED conference. it is very interesting what he has to say about celebs promoting a good cause. it does make you think twice about brushing off another attention grabbing celeb. also i'm feel very much the same as he does about Al Gore and calling him "Mr. President. check his blog posts out, TED Day 1 and TED 1.5.

2. MC Hammer has a blog. need i say more. are we having a 80s revival? with Macgyver, Knight Rider (don't "hassle the hoff"!) and other crazy crap on iTunes.

3. John Kricfalusi - the cartoon artist behind ren and stimpy. he has a great blog where he is obviously using it for his nefarious means, but its all in good fun, especially how he rewards his readers with various goodies like his own sketches and pre-release scripts. great stuff.

happy procastination!

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