24 Feb 2006

slight change in theme

yeah, i toned down the colours on my site to be more web 2.0 -- muhahaha .. next i'll be putting on a beta badge and requiring everyone to register in order to see the posts. it'll be strictly invite only and will fall over at the slightest of load (crap, it already does that).

of course, all that will be backed up by a cute error message when the outages come such as the plumber is molesting the web server or that the web server is having a thai massage to help with that terrible uptime.

honestly, i just toned down the colours because they looked ugly. i just never got around to fixing it. i always liked lighter colours, but i'm not girly enough to go for pastels.


i actually had more to say but i forgot to. apart from the theme changes, i added some new feed buttons based on the ones from feedicons.com. they look alright but i like having two types of feeds on the site, so i modded them a bit for my evil purposes. also spent the half hour working on my site to add per page comment feeds so people can keep track of comments on a page.

i'm starting to clean up the rest of the site, starting from my bio page. i'm going to go for the expose of my life there. it serves its purpose more to remind me of what i've done rather than informing you. but i don't have many secrets to keep, so i might as well let them out. see how long it takes for someone to steal my identity.


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