01 Mar 2006

google maps v google earth

for those of you who don't know, this is a aerial view of where i live. yeah i live right on the riverside, so if it floods -- well lets just hope it doesn't flood.

Google Cambridge

this post is to illustrate what google is keeping away from us. you see that in google earth (on the right), the zoom level is much higher than google maps (on the right). that silver car outside my door is twice as big.

note also that both pictures are the same, meaning that google is just not sharing that data via google maps but keeping it for google earth. not sure what explanation there is for that, i suppose maybe they don't have the street map data? although that argument falls flat if you consider that they have satellite data for places like hong kong.

to side track a bit, that picture was taken before we moved in because the near by retail park hadn't even been completed yet. according to press releases and such, that was around the middle of 2005, so around 6-8 months ago.

the neat google maps browser on the left, is my own evil creation. i'm still not that happy with it, but i'll probably release it for people to play with if there's any demand for it. it's much more fun browsing google maps using this than their website -- i must say, and the interface doesn't suck or slow down as much as google earth.

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