01 Mar 2006

intel mac mini + ipod hi-fi = anticlimax

oh and don't forget about the ipod leather case for $99. who in their right mind would buy a leather case for $99. if i buy a leather case for $99, that leather case would have to come from a kobe cow who has been fed sake all his life and had awesome thai massages by cows of the opposite sex.

nothing much to say about mac mini core duo except .. i want one! not that i don't have an immediate use for it, but something will come up, i'm sure. but the ipod hi-fi is just weird. its like huge, but reportedly not as high quality as pro hi-fi's, yet apple are claiming it is going to start a home audio revolution. i suppose they should of bundled the airport express airtunes with it instead, maybe that would of been the smart move.

bah .. problem is that apple product announcements are so hyped up by blogs and the media. all apple did was send an invitation that had 8 words on it. man, 8 words. and then everyone and their dog ran to town crying everything from itablet to new video ipod to movie store and etc.

we pretty much know what they're going to release for the whole year in terms of macs. just the same mac but with intel inside and 20% markup (the cheapest mac mini bumped from $500 to $600). we're just hoping that apple will actually do something cool with those intel chips, but it seems more and more unlikely. not even an the intel mac ad can save them from being sucked into intel's boring vortex!

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