01 Mar 2006

living in an alternate universe

for the last couple of weeks, i've been living in a different timezone, temporally, not physically. my waking hours are from 12pm to 7am. i can't quite nail down the timezone, i suppose that is more east coast US timezone than UTC.

as a result, i've not seen many people besides people in my lab. even my housemates i only see twice every week! it is turning into an alternative universe. today is the first day in many weeks that i've got back home before 12am, only because i left my powerbook's charger at home so i have to go back and get it.

i need to record this short video clip for a friend's wedding. i haven't seen or talked to him for a long time since i graduated and left australia, so its kinda hard to drum up something to say. right now i'm even battling with what language to say it in. cantonese or english? i don't even know who his finacee is. although a friend pointed out he has a wedding website that he (or his sister) made for his wedding which is really well done. not that i'm really a pink man.

so here's what i've got right now:

"hey mike, this is alastair. you know, that dorky guy who always fought with you for parking space at uni? anyway, as i'm all the way in uk, and only got wind of your pending doom (i mean happiness) of marriage. i just want to say congrads, and all the best to you. oh yeah, anson told me about your bucks night -- wooahh dude .. you guys are wild, i hope that video he took of you guys doesn't end up on google video or youtube!"

[jump to screenshot of some sleazy google video or something]

"nah .. i'm having you on, i haven't heard anything about your bucks night or anything, but knowing anson -- i think it'd been quite something. anyway, hope you have a great wedding and don't get too drunk that you don't remember your first night of blissful imprisonment! seeya!"

dunno if that is going to be the script or not. i'm relatively sure he's not going to see this blog post before his wedding because i didn't get an invitation ;P

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