03 Mar 2006

location via tv signals

this is something i came across a while back but only today did i actually listen to it. it is a recording from the where 2.0 conference in 2005. the speaker is todd young, from rosum corporation.

basically, he is presenting their system which augments gps by using tv signals. the basis is that the device uses known location of tv towers and their multipath characteristics per channel to determine the distance. they claim they can get e911 standards. apparently, they are using the fact that the tv frequency was chosen deliberately back when broadcast tv was designed because it could penetrate walls. they use this as the motivation to use tv frequencies. anyway, if you do any location technologies, you should have a listen.

In this presentation, Todd Young describes a solution to this problem. He represents Rosum Corporation, a company that has developed a way to use unmodified broadcast TV signals for positioning in these places where GPS often fails. These signals penetrate buildings and are already available worldwide.

This critically useful technology is the result of work by Dr. James Spilker, the co-architect of GPS, and Dr. Matthew Rabinowitz, an expert in high-precision navigation systems. It has the potential to revolutionize location positioning and provide a base for the development of helpful new services.

a white paper about their technology is available. one final note, from the questions after the presentation, it is revealed that they are funded in in-q-tel (cia's commercial funding arm)

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