04 Mar 2006

canvas on IE

while looking for implementations of javascript sliders, i came across webfx which seems to be a cool collection of neat little javascript toys. one thing that caught my eye was the canvas on ie project. i think i saw this a month ago but i forgot to follow up on that.

now that i have, i'm really glad i did. basically, they mapped some (not all) the canvas functions to the IE VML implementation through the cunning use of the msie behavior DHTML extension. the same crazy thinly documented hack that allows you to build in PNG alpha support for IE browsers.

more interestingly, the guys there have been working on a charting widget that is very similar to canvasgraph (or soon to be called plotkit). there are some cool things in there, especially with SVG support and IE support. i've got IE support working on the my version by using their behavior htc in a slightly different way.

you can check out a development version with the basic and sweet renderers (which is what i talked about in my last post about the office 12 style bar charts). they look a little different per browser because firefox does not have shadows and canvas on IE does not support alpha transparency. other caveats on IE is that it renders very slowly and clear() does not work (yet).

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