07 Mar 2006

switching from mail.app to gmail

i've been so frustrated with apple mail recently. not only is it slow, but nowadays, it just freezes my computer for 30 seconds once in a while to catch up on the amount of junk mail i get (that is around 2000+ per week).

i'm slowly switching all my accounts to just forward to my gmail address leaving just one private account that i host myself and the gentoo one that i still haven't figured out what to do with. i might move that to gmail as well at the end of the day.

gmail is just so much faster than anything that runs on my powerbook. as much as i love the mail alerts and eyecandy, i can't tolerate slow mail clients and nothing on the mac has lived up to being snappy and easy to use. the only thing is that all my old mail is still on various imap server. i haven't figured out a way to import them (eg. i have not googled yet), and more importantly, haven't figured out whether i will import it.

chalk another one up for google.

(heh, just as i was about to post this, now google mail has all frozen up .. bleh!) oh why do you have to taunt me google! why?!

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