08 Mar 2006

the daily show on itunes!

finally comedy central and apple have done what everyone has been calling for, the daily show and colbert report is now on itunes! and the most shocking thing is that the price is actually extremely reasonable. $9.99 for 16 episodes, or $1.99 per episode. currently i just download my daily show (itunes) and colbert report (itunes) fix from bittorrent, but i'm definitely going to try this out, it is the same price as buying an album - but for 6 hours of entertainment.


that still doesn't compensate for the fact that itunes' video playing is crap. but i should be able to play it through quicktime. it would be perfect if there was no DRM, but at least i can pay something back to comedy central for putting out such a great show that i've been (*ahem*illegally*ahem*) watching all these years.

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