11 Mar 2006

great python talk from guido van rossum

google video has a two part video given last month by guido van rossum, the creator of python. the first one is a very interesting talk about the history of python, where it came from, what were the philosophies and mistakes in python.

check them out at google video by search guido python.

the talk is not just only for python programmers, it is aimed at any computer scientist looking at languages. interesting things include:

1. why does python have an explicit self?
2. where the whitespace rule came from?
3. how program languages should not impose machine restrictions implicitly (eg. int32 != long int on different machines). why does the user need to care about how long an integer is?
4. single augmentable namespace (very cool)
5. type inference, why it doesn't work with python.

given that i'm a big python fan and use it everywhere, it's actually very informative on why the language was designed that way.

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