13 Mar 2006

japanese rfid payment system tracker

apparently, the rfid payment system in tokyo, suica, has an interesting feature. it stores the record of all your journeys on the card itself. the card itself is a read/write rfid card.

we make money not art describes how some artist have hacked up a suica card reader and extracted that information. i think that is great to have control of your own data, although it could also mean that your wife/husband can track where you've been by stealing your card for a couple of minutes and reading all the data off it.

here is the project homepage called suicalog and a google maps version (put in "1" and "10" in the two text fields).

i suppose when they designed it, they realised that maybe the past history could be useful for something, either mobile applications or some context aware usage. in the article, it says they chose to do it to reduce communication overheads -- probably to track how much you should be billed for by recording the last station. its great that someone has released tools to read the data.

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