15 Mar 2006

google mail and privacy

i've switched two of my email addresses to gmail and i'm starting to like it quite alot, especially because i can access my email on both my linux and mac machines without resorting to evolution/apple mail.

however, i don't trust google enough to store all my email, so only my high volume accounts will go to gmail, such as my cambridge account and liquidx.net (spam). my tse.id.au account will never go to gmail or any other web mail providers, ever. as long as i have my own server, it will be hosted on that, and if not, i will try to keep it in a secure place. in fact, my tse.id.au account is so low volume that opening it up in apple mail ain't so bad.

so if you are really privacy conscious or if you have something that you are extra paranoid about sending to me, then use my tse.id.au account. you can find the email address on bio page.

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