19 Mar 2006

newsgator crushing under the load?

i've been trying the new beta of netnewswire 2.1. after all the dabbling with many news readers (i've bought both netnewswire and newsfire previously) i still think netnewswire suits my needs the most.

the main cool things with this release is the speed and the newsgator syncing. but i still haven't been able to get that work properly. somewhere along the line, the syncing misses more than half my feeds, mostly bloglines and flickr ones. i can understand the bloglines one, because who wants one web aggregator to aggregate feeds from another web aggregator.

however, i believe the real problem is that newsgator hasn't been working well all weekend. it would stall, give me .NET errors and continually log me out even though i told it to remember me. maybe i'll wait a bit before i try it again.

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