22 Mar 2006

plotkit - canvasgraph reborn

i'm putting up the rewrite of canvasgraph online, plotkit. it is still a javascript graphing/charting/plotting (whatever you want to call it) library that allows you to draw charts using the html canvas -- and now, inline svg!

svg support is still preliminary, in fact, i've had more trouble getting svg to work on more browsers than canvas. but you now have an option to use svg if you wish.


there are some major changes in this version, and hence the name change:

1. complete code rewrite. now split into 3 to 6 files depending on whether you want the new slicker graphs, or just to old traditional graphs.
2. svg support. it works, as you can see on this test page. however there are number of caveats that i cover in the svg documentation and in my svg/canvas browser status document.
3. extendible rendering class. it is much easier to support various themes and customisation without knowing anything about the layout code.
4. slightly longer initialisation.
5. a dedicated mailing list in case someone wants to discuss, or help out with the development.
6. emulated internet explorer support, via canvas on ie.

so learn more, check out the new plotkit project page. and of course, my stats page has been updated to use the new code.

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