07 Apr 2006


ok, i've had enough of this boot camp business. can we just get on with our lives? since maybe 5% of the mac's 3% market share actually has an intel mac. if my maths is working correctly, that is 0.15% who might care. then factor in how many of those people are hard core mac users and therefore would not even touch a copy of windows xp without going to a confessional. maybe if i had a macbook pro i would start caring, but the care factor on the internets is way too high. maybe this is compensation for apple not doing anything on their 30th anniversary, so all these people would like to jump on any apple news they can get their hands on


on my last count, my "ignore boot camp" smart list had 46 rss entries that mention "boot camp", and thats only for today.

do i sound a bit bitter? yeah, not a good day today.

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