07 Apr 2006

back to basics with posting pointless sites

i'm sick of all this weeee-b 2.0 stuff. the next person who talks to me about a ajax website that solves a non-existant problem will, i dunno, have to write my thesis for me.

anyway, a bunch of funny stuff i've come across tonight.

 Cgi-Bin Image Templates Germany

the second largest beer can collector in the world (via neatorama via make). ok, i can see gaps there. c'mon people, help this guy out and fill in the missing cans - either that or he got thirsty and drank them. or of course, he might of taken it down for the 5c deposit you get for recycling.

people who know me, know that i hate gucci, prada, lv, d&g and all those other my-bag-is-more-expensive-than-the-items-it-holds brands. so it is funny when there's an art project to satires this:

 Yyy Luxurygarby
(via we-make-money-not-art)

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