07 Apr 2006

blogging about someone else's purchasing decisions

this is something i can blog about because my friends don't blog (or at least i can beat his gf to it). my best friend just bought a car. well, he bought a lexus SUV, the RX350. i don't read much about lexus, and mainly because if you search for "lexus rx350" in google, the official site doesn't even come up at all on the first page.
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you know what i suspect? australia always gets the left over cars that the rest of the world doesn't want. for instance, australia is the only place i know where there are more two door mitsubishi lancers (google) than anywhere else in the world (notice most of those sites are australian.) there are no two doors in japan nor in hong kong. i didn't manage to see one in the states either. the reason why that happens is because australia is the dumping ground for failed car models. and that is what i think the RX350 is. because if you go to lexus' uk homepage, there is no RX350. there is only RX300 and RX400. so RX350 must be like a failed aborted attempt at RX400 or worse, the bastard offspring of RX300 and RX400.

ok that was a joke, sorry chris :) actually there have been alot of other RX3xx's around, i just never knew about them because i'm not into SUVs, even less interested in lexus SUVs.

for a while he was convinced that he wanted to ugly monstrosity that is the range rover sport. i complained on and on about that car, and he finally got something else. to a certain extent, i would like to take credit for that. but to be honest, i doubt i had anything to do with it. more like it was an impulse buy for him. (btw, i like range rover, just not the sport model, because when i hear the word sport, it means its got sleek lines, looks fast -- not like a box)

of course, i would of preferred if he actually followed through and got a lancer evo x (or whatever mistubishi lancer evolution is up to now, last i heard it was 8.)

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