13 Apr 2006

roundup of web things that interest me

the daily show fun

last week, the daily show (which i get off itunes) had it's racialisationism episode and rob corddry did a special on how the racists were being racially discriminated. it was a funny but cringe worthy segment, but that is the style of daily show segments which is like so much.

the best bit at the end is when he said "i hate your guts".. if you are in this list, and a huge list scrolled through for a couple of seconds. someone actually took the time to tivo and write down the whole list which included some funny ones like:

TiVo List Pauser
NPR Listener
College Lesbian
Seriously Stop Pausing This
What do you think this is Lost?
4 8 15 16 23 42
PT. Cruiser Owner (dude, I had these people too!)
Stephen Colbert
Mahjong Enthusiast
Pig Latino
Korean (North)
Korean (South)
Pre-Op Transexual
Post-Op Transexual
Jewish (For Jesus)
Someone Who Only Gets Their News from The Daily Show
Nascar Dad
Soccer Mom

and to top it off, some fans emailed that last email and got a reply from (allegedly) rob corddry telling them that he hates them for pausing the list! i guess in a similar vein to that simpsons episode where homer gives out his aol address and the creators get flooded with email!

"i'm gonna kick you in the nuuuuts" - cartman

in a south park episode, we get introduced to nut kicking. so it follows that life should imitate art.

 Images 2006-04 Wesson-Kicks-Monk
(via neatorama)

limited email for only $US399/month

this has got to be a joke site, but very funny nevertheless. kinda like all those parody web 2.0 sites. for only a low low rate of $US399/month, you can get an email address at millionaires24.com (because millionaires0 to 23 were taken) and be forever known as the rich dude that has got that $400/month email account.


microsoft academic vs. google scholar

now we know why microsoft research sponsored shiteseer. microsoft academic live!(tm) is now live, but not working in safari. as usual, this looks very cool on the surface, until you look closely. (i'm still bitter about lack of safari support)

let's read up on how they are doing this:

"Currently, we are not using citation count as a factor in determining relevance. Among the many reasons that led us to this decision was the fact that we wanted to have an accurate and credible citation count to be used in the relevance ranking. User trust of the relevance ranking algorithm requires a very credible, trusted citation count, and we will revisit the inclusion of Microsoft derived citation count in the relevance ranking algorithm at a later date as our technology improves further."
so ok, if citation isn't the "page rank" of the academic world, then what is? credible citation? i suppose it is easy to create many dummy papers that cite your own papers, and then have link farms and paid listings on other people's papers! muhahaha .. my road to professorship cannot be any more easier.

with that said, this is one shiteseer killer, how much more geekier can you get with BibTex and Endnote references ready for you to cut and paste? this maybe the first time i think microsoft has got something cool on their live.com site. now where's that safari compatibility?


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