16 Apr 2006

my bad grammar/spelling since 2000

i just did a vanity search of myself on google, and ended up with this on around the 30th result:

> I was also curious as to whether my idea of coping the i386 files to a newly
>created c: partition and then installing from there was feasible. I'd also
>prefer to do a fresh install instead of upgrading, to avoid any legacy type

You'll need to have Win98 installed to upgrade/fresh install to WinNT is you
are not booting from the CD itself. You can only run the setup.exe in the
i386 Dir in Windows Mode.

from the sony505 forum. yes, i had a dual boot win2k laptop then, and that is why i wrote gnome-vaiolcd. i can't even remember writing that message, or even being subscribed to that forum. take note my bad spelling mistake -- i haven't changed much since then. at least back then i still believed in capital letters.

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