19 Apr 2006

follow up on google maps + aust street maps

i sent off an email to the folks at google maps mania to tip them off on my google maps mashup, and to my surprise they had a whole bucket load of australia-centric maps mashups! i've heard of the benno.id.au one (mainly because he went to the same uni as i did and obviously feels the same way as i do about the insufficiency of google maps in australia.) it also turns out that i wasn't the only one who had abused street-directory.com.au's tile server.

interesting fact, search for gold coast and you'll find that the maps aren't aligned very well -- more over, there's some sort of satellite picture misalignment there:

Goldcoast Bridges To Nowhere

there are probably more, but people will never know unless there are bloody street maps ;) oh yeah, i wonder where you can actually report these bugs to google maps.

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