25 Apr 2006

my (sarcastic) web 2.0 idea of the week

how about this for a killer web 2.0 idea?

british people love talking about the weather. let's make a web site where british people (or other nationalities) can talk about weather in their vicinity! and of course, then be able to tag the weather (eg, foggy, sunny, chilly) and then .. wait for it ... be able to add friends in a social network of weather watchers!

oh, and don't forget that they "digg" each other's weather forecasts and weather news! what's more, they can then make weather todo lists (like keeping a checklist of all the different types of weather you've seen this week) and tell each other whether it is raining where they are. all this integrated with google maps! even more amazing will be that they can sms/text their weather to each other, tag weather photos and upload them to flickr. oh and then share videos of their latest cloud formation. then you can vote for your top weather day of the year, and use a dodgy web chat page to discuss with your weather maniacs about where to go weather spotting.

we will then make an affliate program where you can pay for a pro version where we actually send you a thermometer and you can hook that up to your usb port and upload realtime weather! last but not least, we'll have all sorts of feeds, like ones that tell you instantly where some place in the world has reached 25 degrees, or that another place has just started to rain. you'll be on top of all your weather news in no time!

i've already thought of a name, it will be called weathr! or maybe 25degrees! i'm going to make millions out of this idea! oh, crap .. emm .. someone's done it.

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