26 Apr 2006

videos videos!

when i'm not screwing around with non-linear regressions and simulations, i've spent my time wisely (ahem) watching videos such as:

the show with zefrank - "(he) does the thinking so you don't have to." he summarises news in zefrank's own hilarious way, on video. a must watch for anyone who enjoys zefrank's awesomeness! "yes. no. i. this is." - gwb

Zefrank Theshow

recently i discovered aussietorrents.com, my gateway to watching aussie tv (after getting enough aussie radio to last me a life time.) anyway, i'm totally hooked on the chaser's war on everything. this is the 6th season of the CNNN. the guys who bought you, "where should we attack next?" get'em at mininova.org (war on everything). if you want it the legal way, you can get some of their clips on their website, but you need wmv or real.


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