01 May 2006

django magic removal is go!

the mythical django magic removal branch is nearly upon us, and i took the opportunity to try migrating my two public facing web apps that are built using django, my blog and flists.

flists is a much smaller web app and it took me a good part of two hours to migrating everything over. actually it sounds worse than it was, most of the two hours was me struggling to figure out that i hadn't read the wiki page about the migration properly. that is i didn't realise that META is now renamed as Meta in the Models and that django.contrib.auth are required in INSTALLED_APPS to make authentication work.

my blog is substantially harder because i used all sorts of fancy models subclassing to cut down on code. i ended up reorganising my code so i don't rely on models subclassing until that stuff is sorted out.

the result is not much different on the outside, but underneath, the code should be more organised. i took the change to strip out a lot of gunk that was inside the blogging and bookmarking code until i have more time to look at it.

anyway, all in all, not too painless apart from the destruction of models subclassing. so if you use extensive modules subclassing, you might want to wait a bit before migrating.

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