08 May 2006

anticipating nintendo wii

for those who don't know, nintendo's new game console is called nintendo wii (every one who writes that name down usually encloses the phrase "pronounced as wee" in parentheses.) say what you want about the name, but if you are going to buy a console based on the name, then you really have something wrong with you.

to be honest, i'm not hardcore gamer, those days are over for me. but i do own every nintendo game console from the famicom, super famicom (asian name for super nintendo) to the n64 and gamecube. i also had the original donkey kong handheld games and the original gameboy (along with the light+magnifing glass to actually play it!) the only non-nintendo game console to ever live at home was a sony playstation which was bought probably by my dance-dance-revolution-loving sister.

i've hardly played the gamecube since coming to cambridge, i've got no TV. but in time, i will finish playing the controversial gamecube zelda (wind waker) which i think is one of the most amazing zelda games ever released. you can tell i love cell shaded games.

 Mediafiles M-Zelda115 Gcn Ss13-Jpg

i'm telling you all this because right now on my post-phd list are two must buy items, a pair of nintendo ds-lite for me and pp, and a nintendo wii. time magazine has an interesting 5 pager about what you can expect from nintendo and other game makers in the next two years with their kick ass controller. nintendo is really like the apple of the game console world, smaller market share than its competitors, but constantly wow-ing people and innovating.

Wii Controller

that is my approriate two cents as it is E3 this week. i'm waiting for some kick ass announcements so that i can rejoin the gaming world after 3.5 years away.

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