09 May 2006

great django presentation

as people know, this website is powered by django (as noted at the bottom of the page). i'm not a massive web developer, but i've done my fair share of php hacking with various CMS systems (drupal, geeklog, etc) and my various personal blog engines (before they were known as blogs.) django really is the very nice, it takes alot of pain out of developing web apps.

jacob kaplan-moss, one of the django creators gave a very good overview talk with very little code snippets, enough to demonstrate both how it looks like in python and also the template languages. don't worry, none of the code snippets are more than 4 lines long -- he really got the balanced presentation right. even though i've played with django for nearly 6 months, i still learned a bit of stuff that i haven't touched.

i'd encourage anyone who likes to dabble in web apps to watch it. although it is 1 hour long and you can download it directly from google video, but its 240MB big -- and playable on vlc on the mac. (doesn't work with quicktime + xvid)

here's me trying play with embedding google videos on my blog. please do check it out if you have an hour.

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