11 May 2006

software update front, pytagger and fruity

spent a morning tying up some loose ends and kicked out the door my annual release of pytagger (python id3 tag reader/writer) with a couple of minor bugs fixed. i've managed to spend 2 years in between 0.3 and 0.5 releases.

i also packaged up fruity 1.0 with a few ui and functionality polishes. it's still got a long way to go before i'm satisfied with it, but i decided to let a few more people know about it to see if there's any new ideas i can throw in.

upcoming things that will get updated

plotkit will be next to get updated. heaps of changes that i'm trying to bring in to make it more usable, most noticeably the SVN version uses excanvas rather than iecanvas.htc, and i'm readying a autoload and packed version to reduce the number of imports. if there's enough time i might even integrate some patches with a new horizontal bar chart scheme.

one thing that people can help on with plotkit which i have no idea about is prototype.js support. there is a fellow who wants to fork plotkit to work on prototype.js, but i would like to know what the bare minimum is needed to get them to coexist, rather than a complete port.

the only reason i want it because further down the line, there might be things i want that uses prototype.js, and i don't want to run into conflicts. for instance, lightbox v2.0 is an amazing piece of work, but it needs prototype.js, so i can't have graphs on the same page.

finally, i need to get around to making an initial release of pysilc that i've put on to berlios.de. it is ultra stable, except i might need to compile it on openbsd on sparc, which may be a challenge. the only thing missing is some docs and passphrase support in the supybot driver.

so next time i feel a need to counter-balance my productiveness, those are the things that will get updated. that's all for code related news.

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