12 May 2006

digging in real life

i'm talking about really using shovels or heavy machinery, not that website.

they've started to dig up a huge ditch from one end of the street to another, starting at 8am in the morning forcing me to get up at such an ungodly hour ;)

i don't quite know what they're doing, i hope they are putting in fiber. some dude walks around with a hip high triangular sensor and swings it over the road every once in a while, and then spray blue chalk on the ground to mark where his device beeps. i think it's detecting gas pipes or whatever. then two days later it gets dug up.

when i was a kid in hong kong, we get used to constructions along the street. in fact, new 20-30 stories building get put up every couple of months, and then they put in their foundation with massive hammers, the whole flat shakes. i used to hate it when this happens during summer holidays, especially when the building is right next door to our building!

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