15 May 2006

got my uk drivers licence

last week, i finally swapped my australian drivers licence for a uk drivers licence. previously i was using the fact that i have an australian drivers licence and plus i'm a student, so apparently there's some loophole for me to drive.

but i wanted to swap my nice cleanly designed NSW drivers licence for the pink monstrosity of the UK licence so that i won't have trouble driving in EU countries. turns out the process of getting the licence wasn't bad at all. in fact it took much shorter than the 15 days they said it would take. i sent my application in last tuesday and got the license less than a week later on monday. this is really a record in british efficiency. (it takes a week to open up a bank account here).

what that means is that next time i go back to australia i need to get a new licence, but i suppose i can drive with my british licence in australia too. it does mean that i did have to forgo my aussie gold drivers licence that has its price clearly labelled at the back, AU$118 for 5 years however, compared to the £38 for 45 years, the british licence is a pretty good deal.

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