18 May 2006

my dodgy ankle

some of my friends know, that before i went to cambridge, i played indoor football (soccer) every week in sydney with a bunch of friends. but three weeks before i was due to fly out to england, i landed awkwardly on my ankle and tore something in my ankle. i've forgotten exactly what it is because i'm never good with medical terms. but it did mean i had to be on crutches up to the second last day i was in sydney. (i actually still wanted to continue using them, but it would of been difficult to return back to the clinic i borrowed them from.)

my physio told me to make sure it was exercised so that it would strength again, but it turned out that i only sporadically played any sports afterwards. since then, after an extended period of any exercise/sports, my ankle would begin to feel sore, and i would be reminded of how crap i am at taking care of myself. in fact, it would show up sometimes if i spent long periods of time walking (like when going sightseeing on holidays.)

today i played some badminton, which was great and fun to go out and move about and not just do eyeball exercises in front of my laptop. i really need to do more sports apart from cycling to the lab, but also take care with my ankle. i'm thinking of getting something to strap it up if i know i'm going to play for an extended period. damn my ankle.

i can take solace in that my ankle doesn't just sprain for no reason except walking on a pavement like some people ;) or that i didn't bust my knee dancing to saturday night fever ;)

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