21 May 2006

temptation of the nintendo ds-lite

i've been mulling over whether to buy a nintendo ds-lite for the last week or so. i've done probably a little bit too much research, and thanks to patricia for checking out some of the prices in hk. here are the price points at different places:

japan official : ¥16800 - US$148 - HK$1150 - £80
us official (2nd june): ¥14640 - US$129 - HK$1000 - £70
ebay hk (+shipping): ¥23000 - US$200 - HK$1550 - £110
liksang: ¥23000 - US$200 - HK$1550 - £110
hk street price (console only): HK$1280 - US$165
hk street price (+ mario kart): HK$1600 - US$206

so it looks like the best deal, surprisingly, is the US release which will happen in a couple weeks time. i don't know when the UK release will be, but i'm pretty sure it'll be at least 20% more expensive than the US release price.

 N10 News 060126

not surprisingly, the street price for the ds-lite in hong kong is more expensive than the release price in japan, but only by US$17, and most expensive is liksang and other importers who are selling it for nearly $50 more expensive than japan.

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