04 Jun 2006

chinese songs on itunes music store

i just discovered a whole bunch of chinese and cantonese songs on the itunes music store, but seriously, i have no idea where these songs are from except for one of them which i can tell is 林一峰 (Chet Lam). they seem to be some sort of cantonese indie label who have some how ended being distributed in the states. some of them have pretty outrageous titles:

best of chinese pop 2005


what? best of chinese pop of 2005? hahaha .. there's only one song i recognise in there and it wasn't from 2005. the song titles aren't at all inspiring, for example, "mouse loves rice" and "song of pigs".

neo acoustic movement vol 1.

the problem with these chinese albums is that i can't figure out what the song name is because it's written in pinyin (phonetics), and it doesn't help that they don't name the artist. however, there is one song in there that i recognise the artist, otherwise, they're all unknowns to me.

wo bian kuai le liao (i become happy)


with such an inspiring title, i'm sure you'll pick it up straight away. it's a cantonese album, and i seem to remember that name from somewhere, but i don't have any of her songs, or heard of her from anywhere. so i have to assume this is some indie release. the songs aren't half bad, but just really typical hkpop.

judging from some of the other albums, i reckon it is some sort of guangzhou music label or something.

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