04 Jun 2006

hay fever and what i did to distract myself

just when i got really motivated to do work over the weekend, weather turns good in cambridge and puts hay fever season in full swing for me. i've been sneezing and sniffing non-stop today, killing any opportunity to concentrate and do any meaningful work.

so i just ended up watching england thrash jamaica 6-0 in a pre-world cup friendly. its crazy but the world cup is going to start in 6 days time.

 Radio1 Jowhiley Live Lounge Nelly Furtado Gallery 1

other thing that i'm hooked on today is the nelly furtado cover of the gnarls barkley "crazy", featured on bbc radio 1 live lounge. it is a really different interpretation of the song, and i like both the original and the nelly furtado acoustic live version, but if i had to choose, i'd prefer the acoustic version.

and for aussie entertainment, rove from rove live will be filling in at merrick and rosso for next week according to what they said on their thursday podcast. can't wait to hear that. hamish from the hamish and andy show appeared on thank god you're here episode 9 which was hilarious!

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