06 Jun 2006

imagine a world filled with these

i'm struggling for any content to blog about since my life has become mundane, monotonous and boring. i made a comment yesterday lunch time about how i'm really struggling to find things to waste my time with, which also means i'm struggling to find anything interesting to write about.

anyway, so i was going thru some old bookmarks and stumbled across my sister's blog. she doesn't update it as religiously as i do with mine, but it is an interesting read nevertheless. found this funny photo of a crashing ATM in sydney:

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just a small comment about this, since it is such a common sight, why doesn't microsoft allow users to customize their error screens so they don't look like such a fool? surely that picture there wouldn't really even register if it just said "out of order!" but because we see that dialog box around every day on our computer screens, we are instantly amused when someone as sophisticated as a bank would run into the same problems a regular person does at home.

what we've learnt today: if you're going to fail, don't fail like everyone else. by being different, you blend into the background.

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