10 Jun 2006

world cup 2006

yes, the world cup is upon us. starting from today, they'll probably be a month of entertaining soccer. i'm lucky enough to be going to germany at the end of next week to watch brazil v australia. that will be awesome and i can't wait.

honestly, that is the first football game i'm going to watch in europe, or pretty much anywhere in the world. i've made it my goal to attend at least one major sporting event while i'm here in europe. i missed out on the olympics and the euro 2004 by being in america, and of all places, who don't appreciate football (or saa-kur.)

although on the flip side of things, some english people here don't appreciate it either. it does not seem like people are as mad as they look like on tv and what the british press would have you believe.

lucky for us here, all the games will be on free-to-air tv, shared between BBC and ITV. timesonline has a schedule of the games and who will get the broadcast it. i believe ITV will take most of the games of the latest stage while BBC will take most of the games in the group stages.

if you're in a country that doesn't have the world cup on free-to-air, you will be able to see it on CCTV-1 on ppstream. basically, that is the mainland china tv channel who has the rights to the world cup. the other channel on ppstream that you can get hold of games is the guangzhou sports channel (广东体育). i talked about how to get ppstream up and running previously, but there's also a bit more information on the net.

who am i supporting?

let's get my allegiances right here. here's who i'll be supporting:

australia - do you really have to ask?
japan - ganbare-nippon!
holland - i love orange!
england - do i have a choice?
brazil - they play beautiful football
sweden - they're scandinavian!
france - well, only just. they have henry and he plays great football.

here are the teams that i won't be supporting

germany - just never liked them tactically, they play boring football
argentina - they're quite a dirty side
italy - a bunch of divers

other teams i'm feeling pretty neutral about.

my predictions

in the group stages, upset with australia going out in group f, argentina going out in group c, and czech going out of group e with on goal difference.

the last four in the finals will be holland, england, spain and brazil.

all this non-scientific and based on a narrow view of the world :)

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