14 Jun 2006

plotkit 0.9 released

I'm pleased to announce the new release of PlotKit 0.9. This is a incremental release, but also marks the introduction of a convenience wrapper (EasyPlot) around PlotKit that allows one line graph plotting with AJAX support. Changes are as follows:

* Bug fixes with clear() on canvas renderers.
* Replacing IECanvas.htc with ExplorerCanvas.
* Added Packed (PlotKit_Packed.js) and Auto Import (PlotKit.js) wrapper versions.
* Added horizontal bar chart option.
* Added prototype.js awareness and compatibility mode to work around prototype.js problems.
* Added EasyPlot convenience wrapper.

More information from the PlotKit page and the documentation. As always, please ask questions on the PlotKit mailing list. Enjoy!

You can reply to me about this on Twitter: