28 Jun 2006

augsburg and nuremburg

apart from munich, we spent some time in augsburg and nuremburg. patricia visited the Brecht's house, which is a famous playwright from Germany.

Brechthaus 7

apart from that, there wasn't much touristy stuff to do. we happen to be in augsburg at the same time as some sort of music festival called max06, which is supposed to be short for maximillian. however, i think it was only just getting started so there wasn't really much to check out.


augsburg is famous for some water fountains, which actually is quite good, except if you've been to italy, you'll think less of them! this one here has water spouting out of many women's breasts. i don't know whether i'm impressed or amused.

Strawberry Hut

guess what this store sells?

we then took a luxurious train to nuremburg which was very comfortable and advanced. trains there are way better than what runs between cambridge and london. although i'm told that virgin trains in uk are nearly as good.

Plastic Chair Sculpture 1

nuremburg also had it's fair share of fountains, but for some reason, they started hiding them with a sculpture of plastic chairs!

Soccer Ball Art 1

i started taking notice of more mundane things like hoping that this football will become the official match ball of 2010 world cup!

River House

there was a beautiful river that flowed through the town though.

The Linux Shop

nuremburg loves it's linux so much they need a special shop to sell it.

Goal Post Art 2

scattered around nuremburg were these billboards of goals in different parts of the globe. quite nicely done and not as verbose as the sponsored painted monstrous lions all over munich.

Virus Internet Cafe

near where we stayed was a inappropriately named internet cafe. however, in f├╝ssen, i found the corresponding internet cafe:

Anti Virus Internet Cafe

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