05 Jul 2006

france exacts revenge on the portugese divers

i think in the diving league, portugal has just overtaken italy as the diving nation of the world. i would like to recommend ronaldo and pauleta to the portugese olympic diving team. even though it was such an ugly game of defence, i was still glad to see the french win with a single penalty (somehow similar to the way australia was knocked out, except this time the ref got it right.)

we're lucky we only have one diving team in the world cup final, otherwise, we might as well play at the berlin olympic pool rather than the olympic stadium.

as for the other team of divers, i have to say that they played slightly better than germany in an exciting attacking game. italy were clearly the better team in extra time and deserved to go through with two amazing goals, one from the villian of the australian match, grosso, and the other from the star of previous world cups, del piero.

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