16 Jul 2006

finishing super mario bros 3

oh yeah, another thing i did while i didn't have access to my powerbook was to play patricia's gameboy advance. when i was a kid i owned a super famicom (or SNES for you western people), and i had super mario bros 3, but i never finished it because i had to go to australia to study and left my console behind.

and i discovered that she had super mario bros 3 for GBA, so i played that non-stop for 3 days in place of when i would sit in front of the computer coding or browsing the web. i finally finished it! and that is another one off my things to do before i die list!

now i don't think buying a nintendo ds lite is such a good idea because i'll just get hooked on playing it. but i really want to try out the new super mario bros for ds! i've been twice close to buying it while walking around shops, the killer is that there is still no bundle with super mario bros + the console. i want to get mario kart, smb and brainage. and maybe zelda ... (stop ali .. stop thinking about it ..)

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