24 Jul 2006

camping at the beach in southwold

last year, i went to southwold for andy's birthday with the main event being swimming in the north sea. this year, it was the same, but different.

last year, the ambient temperature was around 10C in the middle of july and was gusting chilled wind blowing across the beach. this year, it was a brilliant 30C day (well, at least the hour of it while we were in the water) and a pretty calm and enjoyable day, and very suitable for a swim in the sea.

we made our way up to southwold from cambridge which is basically 2 hours driving east towards the english channel. our journey tooker a little over 3 hours due to an unfortunate female driver navigation problem which meant we had to regroup at a pub for a half hour in a town called yoxford. no, i'm not joking, there is a town called, why-oxford?.

by the time we arrived into southwold, there was no food serving place open (not even a kebab shop), so we had to settle our stomachs with a three course quavers (a kind of crisp) meal plus a couple pints of adnams in a takeaway jug.

the next morning, initially turned out to be a foggy and cloudy day with little chance of sunshine. we had planned a barbeque and hoping it wouldn't rain. we even snuck in a round of putting golf that resulted in ali b winning by 4-5 strokes and three of us tying for second place. fortunately, the skies parted and we had sunshine for a couple of hours, enough to fulfil our mission to swim in the sea and also have a barbeque on the beach using a swiss army spork from muji and a disposable instant barbeque. the day ended with much more drinking.

the final day involved us flying a powerkite that andy got for his birthday, which i really sucked at playing. i think even a girl flew it better than me! also wondered into town to see what is called the adnams flying egg competition in which alot of interesting clocks were displayed and competed for a prize of 5000 pounds. the one that won, actually didn't even make sense, it was a plastic bag containing two paper mache angels and was called "before time" or something along those lines.

anyway, it was a great time, and i've got a nice tan, which i never thought was possible in england. i'll upload some pics later.

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