07 Aug 2006

WWDC 2006 and Applecare Support Saga

WWDC 2006 Keynote is today! I'm very excited about what new stuff Apple is going to bring to the table. Last year, Steve Jobs announced the shocking revelation that Apple was moving from PPC to Intel chips. For those who don't know what that means, it just means Apple had moved all their computers to run on the same chips that run your Windows PC, and in doing so, means that all the software that was written for Mac had to be made to work with the new Intel chips.

This year, there are nearly no good rumours. Mac Pro is almost a certainty given that Apple outlined their product line for the whole year. So no suprises there. I hope there will be a speed bump or even Core Duo 2 (does that make it Core Quad?) for the Macbook Pros.

Anyway, this is nearly the fifth week that I have been sharing my Mac with PP, which means I've been on my Gentoo Linux laptop for over a month now. I occassionally go back to the Mac to test certain things and update my iPod. Since we came back from Germany, PP has been without her Macbook since 29th June 2006. So it has been over a month and still we do not have a Macbook in our hands. It is bordering on ridiculous at the moment, got the Macbook for 2 months and it's been out of our hands for over a month.

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